Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Final summary of local election results

Over the UK as a whole the total changes of seats in the local elections were:

Conservatives UP 911 councillors

Labour DOWN 504 councillors

Lib Dems DOWN 246 councillors

In Copeland compared with when the seats were last contested (including last year's by-elections) the results were:

Conservatives 19 (up three seats)
Labour 31 (down one seat from 2003 position plus Cleator Moor by-election gain)
Lib/Dems nil (compared with 2003)
Independent 1 (Several independents did not seek re-election)

In Allerdale Labour lost their leader for the second election in a row - and this time they lost the deputy leader as well. At this rate I wonder if they will have trouble finding candidates to take the job of Labour leader in Allerdale !

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