Thursday, May 10, 2007

Government of the living dead

I did like David Cameron's phrase that Britain is currently being presided over by a government of the "living dead."

The Prime Minister has said for a year that he is going and has finally set that change in motion

It is clear that much of the rest of the cabinet has either decided to jump before being sacked, or is likely to be moved or sacked when Brown takes over. As David Cameron said,

“We’ve got a Home Secretary splitting his Department in two when he’s already resigned….a Foreign Secretary negotiating a European Treaty she won’t be around to ratify…and a Prime Minister who, even after last weeks drubbing, simply doesn’t understand that it’s over.

“Everyone knows who the next Labour leader is. So why does the country have to put up with seven weeks of paralysis?”

Mr Cameron also referred to speculation that Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt faces the chop, and scoffed at the way the new Justice Minister Lord Falconer has been publicly “pleading for his job.”

As he said: “This is the Government of the living dead.

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