Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Millom and Keswick Job Centres under threat.

This evening I attended the Community Forum in Millom (at Haverigg Cricket Club) and the agenda included the possible closure of Millom Job Centre.

The possibility was described as disastrous by a former Job Centre worker, who stated that there were over 100 people registered with Millom Job Centre and it would be very difficult for these people to get to Barrow to sign on. For those over 25 it would cost them 3% of their jobseekers allowance income to travel to Barrow weekly, and for those under 25 it would be 5% of their income.

Millom is one of five Job Centres under threat in Cumbria; Keswick is one of the others. Proposals to close these centres are currently the subject of consultations with various official bodies such as the County Council. However arrangements to consult the public or actual users of the service are rudimentary to say the least.

One of my colleagues from the Council commented that it was ironic that the Department of Employment is proposing to add to the jobless figures.

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