Monday, April 07, 2008

Post Offices, Jobs, and Hospitals

Attended the Economic Development Overview and Scrutiny Committee at Copeland Council this afternoon and a meeting at Gosforth to campaign to keep the local post office this evening.

The main item at the Copeland Council meeting this afternoon was the proposals to close eight post offices in Copeland. Councillors of both Conservative and Labour parties were very concerned about this.

Other items on the agenda included

* A report on "nuclear opportunities" with a presentation on job opportunities - which included the bombshell that there is some uncertainty about whether funding is in place for the promised new hospital in West Cumbria. See item in the "Support West Cumbria hospitals" campaign blog (link at right)

* A presentation from local businesses on Whitehaven Town centre and what could be done to support more regeneration

* A presentation and report from the Cumbria Tourist board with a ten year strategy paper for tourism in Cumbria

The public meeting in Gosforth attracted about a hundred people, and it was very cleat that there is extremely strong support for retaining a post office in the village.

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