Monday, April 28, 2008

Valley Residents and Tenants Association meeting

I attended this evening's meeting of the Valley Residents and Tenants Association at St Gregory's & St Patrick's School.

The main item on the agenda was the road and traffic position in the area, with concerns expressed including -

1) The One Way system in Foxhouses Road, Calder Avenue and Esk Avenue is regarded by many residents as having failed, exacerbating the safety and congestion problems it was meant to help. (The same point was expressed local the Conservatives when we did a survey canvass of Harbour Ward). In particular it creates bottlenecks on the few legal routes out of the estate, particularly at the junctions of Calder Avenue and Station Road, Station Road and Coach Road, and the Eastern end of Coach Road.

2) The signing priority at the junction of Coach Road and Station Road results in some drivers rat-running round The Gardens into Station Road

3) Another side effect of the one-way system is to funnel a much larger amount of traffic through Calder Avenue than the foundations of the road was designed to take, which appears to be one of the reasons for problems with the drains and why the surface seems to deteriorate as soon as it the potholes are fixed.

At the time the one-way system was introduced, it was promised that it would be reviewed, and this appears to have been missed. County Councillor Bernard Kirk promised that he would aim to ensure that this review takes place within the next 12 months and that there will be an opportunity for public consultation.

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