Friday, August 29, 2008

Leave the Lockerbie familes alone

The son and suggested putative successor to Colonal Gaddafi has apparently suggested that his country only accepted responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing in order to obtain an end for sanctions.

To what extent the person convicted of the bombing was acting on behalf of his government, and at what level the attack was ordered, may never be known, but there is no doubt that somebody was responsible for blasting a 747 out of the sky, that this was the worst terrorist atrocity in Britain in modern history, and that over a hundred innocent people on the plane and in the village below lost their lives.

Whatever comments Gaddafi Junior wants to make in terms of the arguments between nations, those whose family members were murdered by the bomb which exploded over Lockerbie have suffered enough and should be left out of it. His attack on the relatives of those killed, some of whom he said were "greedy" was offensive and despicable.

Some of the relatives concerned have given their compensation money to charities supported by the victims themselves. And I'm quite certain that if the familes could be given the choice between receiving compensation money or having their family members back they'd choose the latter.

If Colonel Gaddafi wants to retain the better relations with Britain which he has been working towards, he would be well advised to disown his son's comments about the families and tell him to apologise.

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