Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thoughts on the Olympic Games

Like everyone else I have been immensely impressed by the excellent results obtained by British athletes at the Olympic Games.

The credit for this belongs first to the athletes who have worked so hard for it and second for the trainers and coaches who have helped them develop the mental attitude, skills and endurance which won the medals.

A huge part of this is a will to win which would benefit us in many other fields of life and not just sport. One group of British competitors were visibly gutted only to end up with only a Silver medal, and I think this demonstrates that much of the success was due to a mental attitude in which being a good loser is not seen as enough.

I was very annoyed to learn that Labour cabinet minister, Andy Burnham has been claiming on SkyNews that some of the credit is down to the Labour government.

Now I don't think that any politician should be trying to claim the credit for the hard won-successes of our athletes. And certainly not anyone associated with the present abysmal shambles of a government. So more money has been spent on sport. Yes, and where did it come from? No, not Gordon Brown, either as Chancellor or PM. The money came from the British Public via the National Lottery. Who was the Prime Minister who set up that lottery? It was John Major.

However, I suspect that John Major, being far more astute than Burnham, will not be stupid enough to try to claim credit for the toil and sweat put in by British medal winners.

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