Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Labour back to their old dirty tricks

When Gordon Brown became Prime Minister he promised an end to the Blairite trick of reannouncing the same public spending several times. But now he has brought back Peter Mandelson it looks like the same old game has started again

David Willetts has accused Labour of “spinning non-announcements” in their latest offer of support to small businesses.

David, the Shadow Innovation, Universities and Skills Secretary, said, “Instead of offering real help, Labour ministers have returned to their bad old ways, spinning and reannouncing old policies to get a headline.”

Analysis of Labour’s announcement on small business support shows:

* There is no new money - the £350 million is already allocated to the Train to Gain fund for small businesses.

* Most of the supposedly ‘new’ services for small businesses are already provided under the existing scheme.

David said, “Instead of spinning non-announcements, the Government should be doing everything it can to help small businesses so that jobs are not lost.”

And he called for “real action”, including allowing small companies to delay their VAT payments if they're in trouble, cutting National Insurance for the smallest businesses, and reducing small business tax.

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