Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good news for Cumbria from DEFRA

Jim Paice MP announces £3.5m for new jobs and businesses in Cumbria during his Rural Roadshow.


Jim said...

I will comment on this one, I dont want to mess up the tribute to Neil Armstong, which is good and well written.

but this one "Jim Paice MP announces £3.5m for new jobs and businesses in Cumbria during his Rural Roadshow."

well great, fantastic, but 3.5 million of what????

you see money is not really worth anything any more, that is why we are headed for a massive crash.

put simply, savings give money value, rarity gives it value, printing it does not, that decreases its value (inflation) which takes away the point of saving. So right now you are a FOOL if you save money in this country right now.

there are ways out of this though
firstly the government need to take this advise STOP SPENDING!

1. they could raise interest rates to the level they are supposed to be, that would currently be around 9% - hard one to swallow but true.

the other one they could do is keep on with this "qualitative easing" then they just inflate away the debt. and cause riots and deaths.

it does not matter which way you go, the thing is simple, stop over taxing and stop spending. its basic o level economics, I mean come on. Stop borrowing and spending money,

sure the coalition have done the wrong thing and increased taxes to get rid of it, but it will not work, STOP SPENDING, raise interest rates, it will hurt like hell short term. but long term no, it wont.

Chris Whiteside said...

Wow. Jim, there's a lot there, and much of it I agree with.

You're certainly absolutely right that we have to get total spending under control, that this will hurt in the short term, but that we will all be better off in the long run for doing so.

I would say that there is a balance to strike between the need to control total spending and the need to protect essential services and help growth. Both small businesses and rural areas need some help to help get economic growth going.

The challenge is to find enough help to assist them to do so without throwing so much money at the problem that you fail to get Britain back in the black as soon as possible.