Monday, August 06, 2012

Murray's richly deserved gold medal

There has been such a lot of fantastic sport over the past two days. Perhaps the most moving after the disappointment of a month ago was Andy Murray's incredible performance against the formidable Roger Federer to win the olympic Gold in the tennis men's singles.

During the Wimbledon championship both were brilliant but Federer deserved his win. This time Federer still played like a champion - he was far better than the straight sets score would suggest - but Andy Murray was truly brilliant.

I don't know what on earth they are going to do about Sports Personality of the Year this time. There are at least five people, from Andy Murray to Bradley Wiggins, from Ben Ainsley to Sir Chris Hoy, not to mention Jessica Ennis, and the betting firm which has already paid out on Bradley Wiggins may have jumped the gun.

And as for the mens 100m final, in which Usain Bolt became the first person ever to successfully defend an olympic title in that sport - what an amazing race.

All we need now is a good result in the cricket ... 


Jim said...

I have no doubt that all of the above and below medal winners are true sports men / women.

All have etched their names in sporting history and will be remembered.

Though I feel there is another who has attained everything and has the blood of a true Olympian. Ok perhaps there will not be a heavy chunk of metal around his neck.

But I feel the true spirit of his Olympian bid has earned special mention to "the blade runner" Oscar Pistorius

Chris Whiteside said...

100% agree, Jim - he's a true sportsman.