Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A stormy Christmas

I certainly hope that the Met Office people are as accurate with their prediction that the weather will settle down for Christmas Day and Boxing Day as they were with the prediction that it would be vile yesterday and today.

Judging by the amount of water which has built up in some of the boxes and flower pots in our garden since I last tried to tidy it at the weekend, there have been three or four inches of rain in West Cumbria in the last three days.

Looking out of my office window this morning, there was a brief but sharp hailstorm at around 11 am this morning comprising spectacularly large hailstones.

And for much of the morning it was so windy that there were wave systems on the puddles of rainwater in the car park. It wouldn't had to blow much harder before there were White Horses!

Be careful if you are out and about.

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