Friday, August 28, 2015

Breaking news - UK economic growth for Q2 confirmed at 0.7%

No details yet but the BBC says that a few minutes ago the second estimate of Britain's growth for last quarter was confirmed at 0.7%. Full details expected later today


Jim said...

Growth continues, as the bottom fell out of the oil prices so fuel is reasonably priced. Coincidence?.......I think not. If only the government had eased the burden and SIGNIFICANTLY CUT fuel duty (reminder a freeze is not a cut).

Its also worth mentioning that we STILL have not seen a significant cut in fuel duty, despite all the evidence supporting the motion that cutting fuel duty can be done AT NO COST to the exchequer, in fact there is evidence that it would actually make a small net gain.

Jim said...

Have added to this on the newer post comments.

Chris Whiteside said...

Have responded on the newer post comments !